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Andy Kravitz is a visual artist, painter, sculptor and musician from Dallas, Texas. Andy moved to Portland, Oregon in 2015 and completed their BFA in Painting and Drawing at Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2018. Since graduating, Andy has been involved in a music project called Good Vacation. Andy has written and illustrated a short graphic novel which is now published in an anthology called ​Postscrip​t. Andy has been freelancing illustration work and was making donuts at a popular donut shop until last month. Andy is now working on cultivating their studio art practice. This includes painting, drawing, linocut prints, recycling, upcycling and experimentation with found and recycled materials. They are currently looking for a more meaningful way to earn money, but until then, they will suck it up and focus on dismantling capitalism from the inside out.


Andy uses they/them pronouns, thanks.


Please feel free to email me at with questions about upcoming projects, exhibitions, or past works. 

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