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Drew Kravitz is a non-binary visual artist living in Dallas, Texas. Drew was born on November 15, 1994. They moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue their art degree at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. At PNCA, they received a BFA in Painting and Drawing. After living and working in Portland for seven years, it was time to move back home to Dallas, TX. Drew’s work is heavily influenced by art history, modernism, and street art. Drew creates digital art as well as physical paintings that verge on being sculptures. 

Drew’s senior thesis exhibit entitled “Trash Art” contains art objects composed of garbage that was collected in the public parks and space in Portland, Oregon. Drew covered these objects in paint in order to transform the objects from discarded to trash into conceptual art pieces. Drew is heavily influenced by the ready-made artist Marcel Duchamp. They took inspiration from Duchamp’s sculptures in order to create these sculptural paintings made of garbage. 

In addition to conceptual art, Drew is also proficient in digital art and has been published in a comic book anthology entitled “Postscript.” In Postscript, Drew illustrates the story of a bored convenience store worker who spills a bottle of lotion and accidentally gets sucked into a world full of dinosaurs and a bass-playing angel. Drew’s digital art and illustration work is a signature of their visual art journey. Drew has a whimsical imagination that is highlighted in their illustration work through funny characters, bright colors and surreal settings. Drew is now working at the local supermarket bakery in order to pay the bills, but they intend to pursue their graduate degree in the coming years.

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