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Materials: wood, hot glue, acrylic paint, spray paint, cardboard, fabric, cultural artifacts 


Dimensions: 24 × 58 × 72 in

Keep is a stand alone sculptural painting comprised of litter collected from the streets of Downtown and Northeast Portland over a period of three months. 


Materials: spray paint, canvas, chip board, found discarded materials

Dimensions: 36 × 48 in

This piece started out as an accumulation of unwanted trash stitched and glued to an unscratched canvas. It wasn't until the gold was added that the piece really found its meaning. This is one of my favorites because it plays with our perceived value systems and our standard of beauty. Nothing says modern art like a bunch of framed garbage hanging on the wall. 


Materials: Found discarded objects, acrylic paint, chip board


Dimensions: 26 x 30 in


Materials: Model Magic clay, spray paint, takeout container, found packing material on a pedestal

Dimensions: 48 × 11 × 11 in

When I was collecting litter on NE Killingsworth St, I came across a whole Cornish hen chilling out on the street next to the curb. It looked like it had fallen out of someone's grocery bag because it was still in its packaging. This is my tribute to that lost & forgotten Cornish Hen. 




Materials: paint marker, found discarded objects, canvas stretched over a wooden board 

Dimensions: 18 x 22 in


Materials: PVC pipe, canvas, acrylic paint, spray paint, cultural artifacts, wood 


Dimensions: 18 × 18 × 56 in


During this thesis, I became fascinated with birds and the way they travel through the world. They live on every part of the planet and interact with humans significantly. Birds are a symbol of freedom and the beauty of nature.


I found Chris Jordan's images of dead Albatros birds with their stomachs completely filled with bits of plastic. This is the somber impact of human activity. 


"Sketches" I made whilst experimenting with discarded material. 


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